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Welcome to the New Zealand traffic web cam and traffic report information site. We have links to traffic cams in Auckland, Tauranga, Central North island, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

We also have links to radio stations that have live traffic updates and traffic reports throughout the day.

What are traffic cams? Online Traffic Cameras are cameras linked to online websites that enable the public to view real time traffic conditions online. These webcams usually refresh every 60 seconds and can be viewed from most government websites or website links.

We do not physically operate any of these traffic cams, we only provide links to them.


The road network of New Zealand has its origins in the tracks and paths used by both Māori and Europeans in their early travels through New Zealand. Early road construction was both hindered and helped by rail transport during the first half century of European settlement. Authorities were reluctant to expend large amounts of capital on more difficult sections of a route where there was a hope that a railway might instead be built. However, where railways were constructed, roads often either preceded them for construction or quickly followed it when the newly accessible land started to be settled more closely.

While its origins began some decades earlier, the New Zealand Highway system was strongly extended after World War II. The first motorway was built in the environs of Wellington and opened in 1950, between Takapu Road and Johnsonville.


The New Zealand State Highway network is the major national highway network in New Zealand. Just under 100 roads in both the North and South Islands are State Highways. All state highways are administered by the NZ Transport Agency.

The highways were originally designated using a two-tier system, national (SH 1-8) and provincial, with national highways having a higher standard and funding priorities. Now all are state highways, and the network consists of SH 1 running the length of both islands, SH 2-5 and 10-58 in the North Island, and SH 6-8 and 60-99 in the South Island, numbered approximately north to south. State highways are marked by red shield-shaped signs with white numbering (shields for the former provincial highways were blue). Road maps usually number state highways in this fashion.

Only three percent of the network is composed of dual-carriageway motorways and expressways with grade-separated access. The majority of the State Highway network is made up of single-carriageway roads with one lane each way and at-grade access

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