Auckland Traffic Cams and Auckland Traffic Report Updates

Welcome to the Auckland traffic cam and traffic updates page. You can view the Auckland traffic cams by clicking on the links below. We do not maintain these traffic camera’s, we only link to them from the NZ transport authority site. There are a lot more Auckland traffic camera’s then any other region as there are a lot more cars in Auckland.

Click on the following links to see the Auckland traffic web cam for that road

N1 Greville Rd

NW1 Bond St

N2 Tristram Ave

Gt North Rd

N3 Northcote

NW3 Te Atatu Rd

N4 Esmonde

NW4 Lincoln Rd E

N5 Onewa

NW5 Lincoln Rd W

Central Motorway Junction

NW6 Tauhinu Bridge

S2 Market Rd

NW7 Albany Highway

S3 Greenlane

NW8 Tauhinu East

S4 SE Highway

NW9 Paul Matthews

S5 Redoubt Rd

NW10 Greenhithe Road

S6 Bairds Rd

NW11 George Deane

S7 Alfriston Rd

NW12 Upper Hbr CW

S8 Takanini

NW13 Wicklam Lane

S9 Walter Strevens

SW1 Queenstown Road

S10 Pahurehure

SW2 HillsBorough Rd

S11 Rushgreen Ave

SW3 Melrose

S12 Park Estate

SW4 Dominion Road

S13 Slippery Creek

SW5 Sandringham

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Auckland Traffic Information

Traffic in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, is defined by various factors, among them the shape of the Auckland isthmus (with its large lengths of coastline and assorted traffic chokepoints, and thus often long distances for land transport), the suburban character of much of the Auckland area and the large car-ownership ratio of New Zealanders.

These factors have resulted in a mostly motor vehicle-based transport system, which uses several major Auckland motorways as its main arteries (due to the Auckland geography of the isthmus, there are almost no ring routes). Public transport in Auckland is relatively low in importance, though major efforts are underway to change this, partly because Auckland Traffic congestion is very substantial and authorities have agreed that further road projects alone will not be sufficient to combat it. Experts in urban planning and traffic transport policy have also criticised how unfriendly Auckland is for pedestrians and cyclists, this is a major factor in Auckland’s traffic problems.



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